Sunday, May 16, 2010

The wee hours...

It's very early in the morning and I've been up for awhile answering emails and drinking coffee. It's been a most pleasant time, because in between everything else, I've had to pay the proper amount of attention to Tyke, who I watch with eagle's eyes, and we have done quite a bit of bonding in the act of reassuring him that he's loved and that he comes first. He's now sound asleep by my feet and quite happy that he's been loved so much, I'm sure, and cuddled enough.

I have the computer off all day long, except for in the evening when I have it on for a short time to check my mail. Now that I'm up in the middle of the night, I can write a post, because it feels like I have the extra time and I'm not taking it away from anything. It's almost the last thing I do before I take my medicines and get dressed to take Tyke for a walk. I like taking him early in the morning when nobody else is about yet and the dew is on the grass. It makes Tyke's hair very curly on the front and on his belly and legs and ears. He really does look like a poodle then.

I trimmed his hair on his head and around his eyes. It was starting to get in the way. He was surprisingly good about it and I felt like I ought to have kept going and trimmed him all over. I realized on time that it was a job for a professional, so I will make an appointment to have his hair cut and washed soon.

I had a good day yesterday. It was very mellow and laid back and I took Tyke for four walks. Two of them were of the longer kind. I watched sports on TV, because in the afternoon there's nothing but, and watched a whole field hockey game for the Dutch championship. I can watch TV and pay attention to Tyke at the same time, because he's never far away from me and I'm never so wrapped up in the TV that I forget everything around me.

I got the laundry done also and managed to almost fit everything on the drying rack. Some tops are hanging on clothes hangers on the shower rail. I never seem to run out of laundry, which is amazing considering I live here by myself. I do like clean clothes and clean sheets, but I'm not fanatic. If it is at all possible, I don't do any ironing. I haven't touched the ironing board in months and I hope to keep it that way. My mother ironed everything, including the washcloths, but I'm not that dedicated. She had a laundry day and an ironing day. She also very often had a very sore back.

Well, I have to go wash my hair. It is sticking up again in two directions with a dump in the back. I have no idea what the weather is like. I looks gray and dreary outside, so it's probably cold. I'll wear my winter coat and my scarf.

I hope you all have a nice Sunday. I will after I've walked the dog and gone back to bed again for a bit more sleep.



Gail said...

May your stream of contentment keep flowing.

Lane said...

What a productive day you had.

It's grey and cold here too. Far too cold for May. I thought' I'd put my boots away for the summer but no:-(

laurie said...

so pleased to hear you had a good day. here's to many more! we are going up north today for a week. see you when we get back.

Wisewebwoman said...

Sounds like you are doing all the right things and staying where your hands are!

Maggie May said...

Hoping you will continue to be mellow for ages & ages.That is all we can strive for, isn't it?
Tomorrow will be *Mellow Monday* :-)
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Babaloo said...

I hate ironing, too! Well, I don't hate it as such. I just don't see much point in it. Whatever you've ironed, wear it for an hour and it looks like it's never been ironed. I'm SO glad I don't have to iron my white coats for massage class anymore!

I'm glad you've had a good day. X

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. Mellow sounds good!

It's been every type of weather today here. Within 100 yards of leaving the house I was caught in VERY heavy rain - including it seemed a few hail stones. I stood under a tree and my umbrella. But I was soaked up to the knees simply from it bouncing off the pavement it was coming down so hard.

Then later the sun shone very brightly and it was boiling hot. Now it is freezing cold again (at night).

I could have done without that soaking - but the sun dried me out pretty quick.

Tyke sounds very demanding!

Hope you both have a good night.
Bearfriend xx

Frances said...


Twain12 said...

i hate ironing grandmother like your Mom ironed EVERYTHING literally. Laundry is a neverending story here too but it's a little easier for me in the winter b ecause i have a dryer. I'm glad you are enpying your time with Tyke
Have a good Day Nora

Twain12 said...

sorry for the typos lol