Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to pass the night...

I had a cup of coffee and a glass of lemonade and I'm undecided now what I will have next. I think I will not have anymore coffee, because I'm thinking about going back to bed and sleeping some more. I'm wide awake, though, and not the least bit tired, which is a problem when you're thinking of going back to bed. It's all in the timing. If I stay up long enough, I will be able to take Tyke for his first walk, but if I keep this short, I can go back to bed and sleep a little more, but then Tyke may have an accident.

Sometimes I wish I had a husband who was an early riser, say about 7 am, and who would walk Tyke for me. It would be so perfect. Husbands do come in handy at times. I would only need one for practical matters like this. Like doing the groceries and washing the windows. I guess I really need a butler or something. Just a man around the house. When I win the lottery, I will hire one.

I am really happy, because today I have a day off. Nobody is coming by. No domestic help and no personal helper and no Exfactor. It's just me and the animals. I have no obligations and I like that. Nobody is going to call me either as far as I know. Isn't that wonderful? That means I can do as I please and go my own way and spend the day how I like it, with a book on the sofa most likely, recharging my battery. It will be very quiet and peaceful. Serenity will reign.

Nothing makes you appreciate an empty day better than days filled with people coming to your apartment and having intense contact with them. At least, what I consider intense contact, because I'm a private person and a little bit goes a long way. I appreciate having people around, but equally appreciate the peace and quiet when they're gone. Even if the contact is of a high quality, which does happen every so often. Although I must add that it is because of that contact that I do appreciate the empty days and without the contact I would not fare as well. It is good for me. No doubt about it.

I can imagine that people who are constantly surrounded by other people have a great desire for private time. That they would like nothing better than their weekends to be a big empty space in which to only spend time in their own quiet heads. At least I would imagine that's how I would be. I think I would need the quiet to digest all the impressions from the past week and to prepare myself for the week to come. It must be awful if all sorts of people make demands on you on the weekend. But maybe I'm wrong and other people are put together quite differently and their needs are not like mine.

You just hope that people are aware of their own needs and are able to formulate them and make them clear to the people around them, so there are no misunderstandings. There are always expectations that are silent and taken for granted that can cause so many problems when people's needs aren't known and understood. So much is not said and explained, because we are not aware enough of these things ourselves. That's how we get caught up in lives we don't want to live.

Alright, enough philosophising. I'm going to bed and to sleep. It's too early to take Tyke for a walk, so I'll let him out back for a piddle.

Have a good day, you all.



Bernie said...

Hello my friend, you sound very good so early in the morning. I am just going to bed - big time difference between us.

When I worked I longed for the weekends now I'm retired I still enjoy them but in a different kind of way.

This weekend I have my great niece staying with me, last weekend my niece and her family visited and next weekend my friend is coming in as its my birthday. So I will be looking forward to a quiet weekend soon.

Stay well my friend.....:-)Hugs

Twain12 said...

well my husband doesn't walk the dogs or washes the windows LOL...hmmm, now what ;)?
have a good day ♥

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. Needing a butler lol.

I'm so glad you're happy today. Your mood seems to have turned completely.

Yes, I know what you mean about needing peace and space after intense contact. Another blogger summed it up very well when she said some people gain their energy from spending time with others (extroverts) but she was an introvert who gained energy from being alone. I thought it was a very good way of putting it.

Hope you are having a lovely day reading and cuddling Tyke!

Bearfriend xx

Babaloo said...

My husband actually does walk the dogs in the morning. But not before I'm up anyway. So that's not much use. But he does clean the windows. And today he did the laundry. While I was at work, mind.

Glad you went back to bed and, hopefully, had a few more hours of sleep.

I've finally managed to re-add your blog to my feed on my homepage, so hopefully I'll remember to check your posts more often again from now on.


Gail said...

Hope your day continues to be wonderful.

Wisewebwoman said...

I think it's like the curly hair straight hair thing. We always want tastes of what someone else has, right?
I love my solitude but now and again literally crave company.
PS and when ever did husbands just do what they're told and not bother anyone? LOL>

Anonymous said...

I love being alone too. I quite enjoy my own company - and I feel that I need that time to recharge my batteries every so often. I have some acquaintances who are always, always busy and always, always around other people, and I've long suspected that they are unhappy about some aspect of their lives. I think that they need to be around other people so much so that they don't have to delve too deeply into their own problems. (Don't know what a professional would say about THAT theory, though!)

jeannette said...

Do the groceries and wash the windows? I wish!! It's me who does the groceries, and no one washes the windows (thank goodness, it's not important in the USA, LOL)
So far, for it being practical to have a hubby! But I hear you, there are a lot of daily chores, and there's only you to do them...

Around My Kitchen Table said...

I think all women need a "wife" - or rather someone to take up those traditional "wifely" roles like cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, gardening. Then I could come home from work and find everything DONE. Bliss.