Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wasting time...

I took Tyke for his noontime walk and he's been sleeping ever since. It seems to have worn him out quite a bit. The weather is still beautiful and' I've not yet seen any of the rain that's been promised. The sun is shining and the temperature is quite pleasant. I've got the windows open at the top and it would be nice if I could keep those open, because it does air out the apartment and that is very necessary when you smoke.

Needless to say, I don't have the heater on. It is nice when it is turned off and I don't have to worry about my energy bill, but every week there are days when I have to turn it on, because it gets too cold to do without it. It's been a cold springtime so far, and it isn't done being cold yet according to the weather forecasters. I must say that I get cold quickly and don't suffer it easily. I put extra clothes on and make myself as comfortable as I can get.

My living room windows have been washed and I can clearly see the outside again. Tyke had drooled on them quite a bit and I need to get in the habit of cleaning them every day, but they have been washed on the outside too, where they never did get cleaned properly by that other girl that did them. The one who used all my dishtowels and then left streaks all over. That was a fiasco. She was a university student who had never learned to wash windows well. I don't know what she was studying, but it didn't have anything to do with home maintenance. I don't know how they get away with sending out people like that to clean people's houses. I suppose I should have complained. I didn't think of it at the time. I guess I was willing to accept slip shot service.

I haven't been reading at all the past week or so. I don't read anymore before I go to sleep. I'm not excited enough about my book to make the effort, but turn off the light immediately and go straight to sleep. I'm also not that interested in reading it during the day. I think it doesn't hold my attention well enough and that I need to find something completely different. Something that is exciting and that I'm willing to read during the day also without falling asleep. Something that I will sit down in the armchair with, along with a cup of coffee and my cigarettes, and enjoy reading a good few hours. I'm going to look on my bookcase in a while and see if I can find an exciting novel that will hold my attention during the day. I have enough books that I haven't read yet, so there's bound to be something there.

I think that when I've lost all the weight that the Obesitas Specialist said I could expect to lose, I will try to continue to lose weight, because I don't think I will be satisfied after I lose those 6.5 kilos. I will still be overweight and still have an inner tube and I know I will want to lose another 5 kilos if that is possible. I will only do it if it is possible and not if I have to starve myself for it. I will keep eating the way I am now and just see what happens. Hopefully it will be a natural result of my diet and I won't have to make any changes.

It's becoming overcast now and a bit more windy. No doubt the rain is on its way. It will be cozy inside, but not much fun to walk Tyke in. He will get a short walk tonight. I think I'm taking him to the vet on Monday to have him look at his eye. It is awfully red. I'm a bit worried about it and wonder if he needs antibiotics. Better make sure than regret it later on. The vet is only down the road and we can walk there easily.

I think I'm going to look for that new novel now. I still have time to read and sit in my newly vacuumed armchair. It's nice to enjoy the little luxuries in life. Wish me luck on finding a book. I hope for gentle rain. Not the kind that falls in buckets. That's alright for during the night when I'm asleep.

Have a good rest of the Saturday.



frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi Nora,
I spent the day in bed today, it was damp and cold and the RA was playing up. Found myself reading a diary of a year in the gardening life of one of my favourite author/gardener Jackie French. Also reading about Permaculture by Bill Mollison. It has been ages since I found a riverting piece of fiction. We are just heading into Winter now which means extra clothes and blankets. Can't afford the floor heating. We have got more used to the cold though so thats ok. Hope the weather warms up soon for you.

Bernie said...

Nora I have been catching up on my blog reading and just wrote that perhaps you should take Tyke to the vet on Monday on your last post.

It is still cold, raining and miserable here now. Hope you found a good book to read....:-) Hugs

Twain12 said...

hope you found a book and tykes eye gets better soon. I was wondering if they gave you something to put in it and you are right better save than sorry

Gail said...

A relaxing day, a jewel in the crown of life.

Maybe walking Tyke more will help in your weight goal...when he is feeling better.