Friday, February 18, 2011

On a cold Friday...

For a change it's a not so beautiful day today. It is overcast and cold and I've had to turn up the thermostat after airing the apartment earlier. We were promised sunshine later this afternoon, but the cloud cover is still in place and it looks like it's not going anywhere soon. That's too bad, because things always look much more cheerful when the sun is shining. Actually, right now it looks like it's going to rain and, although I would not mind that so much, I would prefer some brightness in the living room and not have to sit here with the lights on.

The domestic help has been here and has cleaned the place and it smells of cleaning products in here. She's even done the dishes, which I'm grateful for. There weren't that many and I'm surprised she did them. I don't dirty that many dishes by myself and have the tendency to use the same ones a few times, at least the glasses and the cups. I don't like doing the dishes and wish to spare anyone the job of doing them. There's nothing worse then seeing a stack of dishes on the kitchen counter, no matter how neatly they're arranged.

My newly ordered denim skirt got here this afternoon and after the domestic help left, I got the chance to try it on. It fits perfectly and I was just guessing as to the size. It's a mini skirt, but not too short, so I don't look ridiculous. It fits very comfortably, so it's nice to wear. I've got it on right now and I have lots of things to wear with it.  I have to dress warmly today, because when I walked Tyke, I needed two layers of clothes under my black leather jacket. I do have to keep in mind that it's only February and that it's normal for it to be chilly. 

I slept until 11 o'clock this morning. I woke up a few times before that, but all those times I wasn't ready to get up. I couldn't quite face the day until I was completely done sleeping. When I got up, I had two leisurely cups of coffee before I got dressed and did my chores. There's nothing nicer than sitting in my armchair taking the time to get my head together. I feel it slowly happening and after the second cup I'm ready to tackle anything. I do play ball with Tyke while I sit there, but it doesn't require much effort. All I have to do is aim right so I don't hit the furniture. 

The afternoon is going by quickly. It is time to finish doing my chores before the news comes on. I did a big load of laundry that I have to hang up to dry and I want to change my bed so going to sleep tonight will be extra nice. 

Have a good evening, everyone!


Bev said...

Jack plays ball with Scamp in the house too. While he sits at his computer he chucks the ball out of his room so it goes down the stairs and off Scamp goes!

jeannette said...

So, mini skirts are back in, in Nederland? Here it's the opposite -I see more and more stores displaying long skirts (but haven't seen many wearing them though!) The weekend might be a good opportunity to wear you new skirt, Irene -have a good one:)

laurie said...

love denim. i have a brown denim skirt that is a favorite from spring into fall. can't wear it yet--too cold for skirts, especially shorter skirts. but hopeflly soon.

dianeclancy said...

Dear Nora,

I LOVE this picture - is this outside your home? Wow - it is quite something!

So ex-factor still lurks ...

I don't even go to the hair dresser so I am not sure what that means! LOL

~ Diane Clancy*