Saturday, May 26, 2012


I've started to read again but I've picked a book that I've already read before and that I enjoyed very much. I think that will make it easier to get back into the habit of reading. I think it will be easier to concentrate on the story and keep my attention focused on it and I won't have to worry about remembering who all the characters are. I know the book is pretty straight forward and doesn't mess around with a lot of plot lines. I'm sympathetic to the main character and care about what happens to her without losing sight of the plight of the whole cast.

I've got some women's magazines to read also that I got from my sister, but they are so optimistic in nature that I almost can't read them. The stories all have happy endings and are not very realistic, but of course they are wriiten to make the readers feel good. They are not for the liberated, feministic woman at all. More than anything they are written with the purpose of keeping women believing that they should be happy no matter what. In a way they still have the morals of the 1950's behind them.

I really hope that this attempt at reading is going to be successful. I tried it before and enjoyed the book, but it didn't lead to anything else. I didn't suddenly turn into a reader again. Maybe I should just reread many novels and not try to start on a brand new one. Reading familiar ones may be the way to go for now.

I won't have to order any books for a while. I have enough old ones that are interesting enough to read over again and when I get ready, there will be enough new ones to read. There's always the temptation to order new books that I hear about, and there's still some room on the bookcase, but it would be a waste of money right now, so I better wait. I do like owning books and I like to look at them. To me they are a treasure.



Rob-bear said...

I hope you get lots of reading (as in "re-reading") done. If a book was good the first time, it will probably be good the second time.

As for "happy stores," we aren't in the 1950s any more. The world has changed. The some of the "rules" for the 1950s do not work very well, or at all, today. It might be nice to pretend we are in the past, but eventually real life takes over pretense.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Gail said...

Books are treasures indeed. I love seeing shelves of them and seeing old familiar favorites.

I do love to read but rarely have the time. I am currently reading a book about the Grand Canyon, a place I've never seen nor will I ever see. I visit it in my imagination.

That is the beauty of a book, you can travel anywhere and be anyone you want.

Read, my friend.