Saturday, July 16, 2011

A cranky old woman...

The dog woke me up with his barking before I was ready to be awakened. This displeases me very much. As a result I'm sitting here yawning with my second cup of coffee and it's like there's no hope in sight. I'm doomed to be in this half awake state until I go back to bed. Woe is me. 

I'm sure I will wake up any minute now. The caffeine is bound to start working. If not, some cold milk will do the job. It will jolt my braincells awake with its frosty goodness. Just like ice cream would if I had some. Mmm...vanilla ice cream. A Dove bar would taste good right now. 

I had lost half a kilo when I went on the bathroom scale just now, so by this morning, when I go on it again, I will have lost a whole kilo. It always works out that way. The fairies take away the weight while I sleep. Just like the tooth fairy takes away your tooth. It's as if by magic, just from sleeping. It requires calories too. 

I went to bed early last night because there was no thriller on TV or anything really that I was interested in. I fell asleep pretty quickly while listening to the radio in the space on the bed left me by the cat and the dog. They do crowd in and one wants to lie closer than the other.

This ended a fairly uneventful day in which I only saw my psychiatrist who asked me uncertainly if I had lost weight. I answered him affirmatively and he smiled and said that men weren't always so sure about those things. Isn't that funny? He's a little absentminded so it's possible that he wasn't sure and that he only had a vague memory of what I looked like. It's kind of endearing that he did notice.

I've had my glasses of milk and I must go back to bed now. Since it's Saturday, I will sleep for a long time without any feelings of guilt. Whatever chores need to get done, I will do in the afternoon. Sleep is a great good. 

I hope you'll all have a good day.



Maggie May said...

Wpw! Thats a fierce picture of you! Glad the channel divides us!

In England, a Dove bar is ..... a bar of soap! I wonder what it is in Netherlands. I can't see you eating soap, somehow.

A vague, forgetful psychiatrist! He sounds very helpful!!!!! Hope he remembers who you are!

Hope your day goes well. it is pouring rain here & I know of at least 2 street parties that will be ruined!

Maggie X

Nuts in May

Twain12 said...

hope that grumpy lady got some more sleep ;)

Francisca said...

We have a neighbor dog who makes a lot of barking noise much earlier in the morning than I am interested in awakening. Add to that a couple of crowing roosters and a flock of chirping, and sometimes it's hard to get the eight hours I need to feel my best. I don't like to let it make me cranky, though... that would just waste my day.

VioletSky said...

i do like those new Dove bars...
am just watching the womens world cup and will have a nap before a new mystery Zen comes on tonight. am not familiar with it at all, so am looking forward to something new.