Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have a good old case of writer's block. I have been sitting here looking at this blank page for an hour and a half and could not even come up with a title, let alone some subject to write about. I slept very deeply way into the afternoon and was awakened by the sound of the telephone, or so I thought. I stumbled out of bed, but heard nothing, and I have been sitting here ever since trying to gather my thoughts together with the help of cups of coffee and cigarettes.

I was up earlier in the morning, but threatened to end up in a very bad mood for lack of sleep, so I went back to bed immediately. That was the smartest thing I could have done, if I had stayed up, I would have been in bad shape by now. I don't know what shape I'm in now, I have no idea. I can't figure out my mood. I think I'm still not properly awake yet and that it's going to take some more coffee before I find out. I have the best of intentions, but the road to hell is paved with them. 

When I was a teenager, and I slept late like this, I had a heck of a time coming to my senses and I could not be talked to for the first hour that I was up because I was in a stupor. My mother was so incredibly cheerful and I just sat there silently and drank my coffee, trying to remember who I was. It's awful to be talked to cheerfully when you yourself aren't. It makes you extra grumpy. 

So, I must be like that teenager now and really need my time to come to my senses and be in a stupor when I wake up so late. At least I don't have any cheerful people around me. I'm spared that, but I do have these cheerful animals who are innocent as to my morning mood and who have no idea that I'm a slow starter, although I think Gandhi is more aware of it than Tyke is. She's very thoughtful when she moves around me. She's all delicateness. Tyke is all awkward paws and slobbery kisses and barks and talks. He does give me a lot of leeway and doesn't get obnoxious until his bladder really stands to burst. Like right now. 

For a change it wasn't that cold outside. It's 52F and the wind was blustery, but not unpleasant. The sun is even peeking through the clouds. Someone said it's going to be another cold winter like we had last year, but I forgot who it was. I must have read it on one of the blogs. Don't say you heard it here first, because I don't know if it's true. I hope to God it's not true, because that's one thing I'm not prepared for. 

I must go back to sleep because I'm falling asleep behind the computer. It's taking me a while to recuperate from this hypo manic episode.

Have a good day.



aims said...

I love that you write paragraph after paragraph even though you think you have nothing to say.

Hope when you wake again that you feel right as rain.

Twain12 said...

well you had had something to say in my book. Hope you have a good day

Maggie May said...

Yes....... plenty to say.
I think teenagers need plenty of sleep. I believe there is a medical reason for it.
I don't like waking up suddenly. I like to come too gently. not always possible.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Bernie said...

Hope you slept well and are back feeling the way you want to.
I thought you did quite well posting when you you felt you had nothing to say. Be well my friend,
......:-) Hugs

Gail said...

You do have much to say and we read, as you sleep.

Hope when you wake, life looks a lot better.