Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Poll

At the top of this blog you'll see a poll. It would please me tremendously if you would take part in it so I will know what the heck I should do. I have a general idea, but I want you to have a say in it too.

It's early in the morning and I'm sitting here with my usual cup of coffee and cigarettes. I forgot to shut off the heater last night, so it is nice and comfortable in here and I don't even need my bathrobe, yet, because I did turn down the thermostat when I got up. I can't believe I was such a wasteful person. Me, with my energy efficient light bulbs and my energy efficient bike. That I should leave the heater turned on! Tsk tsk!

When my personal helper was here yesterday, we took Tyke to the post office, the tobacconist and the pet shop where he, with my help, got to pick out a good toy. It's been a tremendous success so far. He's been doing nothing but chewing on it and taking breaks from exhaustion. It's a big old squeaky rabbit that's pretty tough. Now that I know how much he enjoys this, I'm going to take him to the pet shop soon again and have him pick out another toy. I didn't realize that it would please him so. I think that if I buy him enough interesting toys, he will forget about being destructive with my stuff.

I didn't have my usual domestic help yesterday and I don't know why not. Maybe she just had a day off and they forgot to tell me. The girl they sent instead was okay, but not nearly as thorough as my regular one, though she did do the dishes unasked for. She also cleaned the refrigerator, so I suppose I shouldn't complain. You do get used to people, though, and the way they do things, and the apartment seems cleaner when my regular help has been here. It smells better too.

I've gotten quite attached to both my domestic helpers and wouldn't want to miss them for anything in the world. I realize I've got the best of them after having had some others come here instead when they've had their days off or their vacations. Some of them are competent and some of them are not at all.

I had my spider plant sitting in a cubbyhole in the bookcase and then kind of forgot about it and it must have felt very neglected. Maybe it was also not getting enough light. I suddenly had a good look at it yesterday and saw that a lot of leaves had turned brown and limp. I took it to the kitchen and cut all those off and gave it a good soaking. Then I put it in a different place closer to the window and now I hope that it will perk up again.

I think I may have over watered another one of my plants, because it suddenly dropped a lot of its leaves, which is a sure sign. I'm going to have to take it out of its outer pot and let it sit in the kitchen sink and drain really well. Hopefully I haven't done permanent damage to it.

The plants that are doing really well are the ivies. They seem to be indestructible. They grow well and take a lot of water, or not if you forget. They've constantly got new little leaves on them and I'm going to have to cut them back when they get too big. They do give you a lot of satisfaction, because you have to invest so little for so much growth and they take relatively low light conditions too. I can definitely recommend them for those of you who don't have especially green indoor thumbs. Which I don't.

I just remembered that I have a load of washing in the machine that needs to be hung up on the drying rack. I think I will go do that now because there are some clothes in there that I want to wear soon. Then I'll go strip my bed and put clean sheets on it. My God, what's wrong with me, it's not even dawn yet.

Have a great day!



Connie Rose said...

Well the thing is, I really can't tell the difference between the blogs, other than the way they look. I follow them all, because I follow YOU, even when I don't read closely, so it doesn't matter to me which ones you keep or not. I'll still read you. But since they're all so similar, perhaps just one would suffice.
Have a lovely weekend. XOX

Maggie May said...

I think you should keep them all if it makes you happy. I seem to flit from one to the other without noticing which is which!

Good idea about the squeaky toy for Tyke...... but MUST it be a rabbit?????? Really!
A good way to keep him on his toes is to only let him have one of his toys a day. Rotate them & that will keep him interested. They get fed up with their toys (like children) after a while. Rabbits are the same.
Have a good day.
Luv Maggie X

Nuts in May

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I don't think I am qualified to comment on which blog for you to keep! I do like to read your thoughts when I do finally get here though and I like your art. Maybe you could combine you favorite bits from all of them into one? Just an idea!

Lane said...

I've got The Dueling Dutch Woman and The Most Splendid day in my reader but I'm happy with whatever you do. Like the others have said I'm happy to flit from one to the other. Perhaps you could theme them - say with one being a regular day to day blog and one being 'deeper' or whatever.

Glad Tyke likes his new toy:-)

Twain12 said...

i think you Chou keep them all to , i just follow along and read whichever one is up at the time.

aims said...

Here's a question. Why do you have so many blogs? What do you get from it?