Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good morning!

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I have to tell you that I had a good night's sleep. I went to bed early, which was mostly out of sheer boredom, and slept until 5:30 this morning. When I say I was bored, I mean that I had told myself that I couldn't park my rear end behind the computer, because I want to break myself of that bad habit. There will be no compulsive blogging and I want to set limits on the time I spend behind the computer doing unnecessary but time consuming activities.

I didn't want to watch television because, except for the news, there was nothing worth watching on and it does have an off button. That left me reading my book and I figured that I could do that just as well in bed as I could on the sofa and I would be more comfortable.

I'm at the end of it and I know who the perpetrator is. It wasn't a complete surprise, although I had not thought of him automatically and the story did have all sorts of twists and turns, some of which I was quite uncomfortable with. The guy who did it was completely nuts, but in a very dangerous and calculated way. I won't give the story away. You'll have to read the book yourself. I do recommend it.

I saw my SPN yesterday afternoon. The bike ride over there was hot. I think I got a tan in the short time it took me to get there. The sun was out and the temperature was high and there was no breeze to speak of.

Since I lead such a dull and uninteresting life, which is really causing me to feel somewhat depressed and futile, we have decided that I should start creative classes again on the days that I have no other activities. We have an idea of what's available, but we don't know what the waiting lists are like. My SPN is going to put in an application and I will hear about it and get an appointment for an intake.

I know it is absolutely necessary that I do this. I must take an interest in outside activities. I must get out of the apartment and do something creative and be around other people. I do have to do this in a safe environment. The classes will be at the psychiatric clinic that's a five minute bike ride away from my apartment, so I will not have to worry about it being too far away and not wanting to make the bike ride over there. I have to make everything as uncomplicated for myself as possible.

I'm glad that I've made this decision and I can wait as long as I have to for whatever space has to open up. Even if I just start with one day that will be alright. I hope to be able to go two or three days, but I will be happy with two.

Today it's not going to be a hot day for a change, because a cold weather system is moving in and we are expecting rain this afternoon and tomorrow. As long as it doesn't rain this morning I am happy, because I have to walk to the dog salon with Tyke. Little does he know what is awaiting him, but he will be a much happier dog afterwards. I have already taken his before picture and I will take his after picture also and post those.

I have to get dressed and take him for a walk now. He is telling me it is time and I can't ignore him. Out I go in the coolness of the early morning. It will be pleasant out there.

Have a good day.



Bernie said...

Nora you sound really good and I like knowing that you are making plans for takng creative classes. Wonderful.....
Looking forward to seeing Tyke's pictures.
Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Maggie May said...

Good idea, the creative classes.
Hope you manage to get into a class soon.
Hope today is lovely and that you enjoy it.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Frances said...

Good move. hope it works out so it's easy to work out. Your mind is too lively to be left to its own devices, you need activity and creativity, that's clear. Yay you

Twain12 said...

glad you hear about the classes too. Going to be hot here today (yuck)
hope you have another good night tonight ♥