Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not quite...

I'm trying to decide if it's okay to be not quite happy today. I've thought about it since I got up this morning, when I first tried to deny very bravely that there was anything wrong. I wanted to be upbeat and thought I could talk myself into it, but it was like rolling a stone uphill. Do I let go of the stone and watch it roll down hill? Yes, I think I will do that and stop wasting the effort of holding on to it.

Instead of letting that get me down, I got up and did my chores. I figured that was better to do than sitting around and moping about it. Once I've decided I'm in a not quite happy mood, I'm not going to get all miserable about that. I'll just let it be. It is like having a minor summer cold. It's only somewhat disconcerting.

I have some chores left to do and I'm in the mood to do them too. I'm actively looking for things to do. I want to prevent myself from hanging around with time on my hands. I've just folded a load of laundry and hung up another load to dry. I've put away some clothes that I'd worn this week and put some in the laundry, which will mean that soon I will have another load to wash.

Despite the fact that I had cleaned the Senseo machine with a bottle of vinegar, it has started to leak again and I discovered a big puddle of coffee underneath it that was starting to spread over the kitchen counter. I'll have to run another bottle of vinegar through it to see if I can fix the problem. I cleaned up that mess, but I think the Senseo machine has seen its best days. I'll have to look into replacing it.

I've changed my bed and look forward tonight to clean smelling sheets. It will be a pleasure as always. Tyke "helped" me change the bed. He does that by jumping on it every time my back is turned to get another pillow case or when I'm right in the middle of putting on the bottom sheet and then I can´t get the fitted corners around the mattress. He probably thinks that we´re playing some sort of game.

I have to sweep the floors and clean the insides of the living room windows. Then I have to clean up turds from the patio. There are a few laying there. It´s always my favorite job. I handle them with great care and respect.

Gandhi brought home a dead mouse this morning. She was planning on devouring it in the corner of the living room. I noticed it on time, because Tyke walked over there and watched her with a great deal of curiosity. I chased her outside and, luckily, she didn´t come back with it later. I don´t want to have to clean up a half devoured mouse. I never know what to do with them anyway and end up throwing them in the green bin, although I don´t think I´m supposed to.

Off I go to do the rest of my chores. It will be an afternoon well spent.

Have a good Sunday.



Twain12 said...

have a good Sunday too...i'm not to chipper myself today but like you i'm trying to roll with it.

Wisewebwoman said...

I had great plans for today, Nora and feeling a bit ho-hum myself. Lexulous is taking up far too much of my time and I don't like that addictive behaviour, you are a fine example of getting cracking on other tasks.
Enjoy the rest of the day, and I slept on fresh washed outdoor hung sheets last night. Man! It's one of the best feelings of all time, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm not feeling very chipper today either. I've had this sinus headache for a few days and didn't sleep well. I know I should get up and do something, but all I want to do is sleep. Melanie and Hannah have fevers and I hope I am not coming down with something. I'm going to listen to my body and take a nice nap. I should be cleaning, but I can hear Christie out there cleaning the kitchen. She wants to go to the shopping mall tomorrow with her boy friend, and I know she is trying to "earn" money.
I hope you don't overdo it with the cleaning and take some time to read or listen to some nice music. We all know the good thing about feelings is that they do change, so go with it. Mindfulness, right? XOXOXOXOXO

Frances said...

Good that you were able to press on and do things. One of my faults is wallowing in it a bit, not doing things and then hating myself for having achieved nothing all day! Doing something is better.
This artwork is really lovely. I like the sense of light streaming in.
Thanks, brightened my day.

Grit said...

i find the changing of the bed linen enormously satisfying. crisp clean sheeting is a pleasure not to be underrated, and i hope it helps give you a sound night's sleeping!

Bernie said...

What a great attitude you have, you know you are feeling a bit unhappy but you are working your way through these feelings. You know Nora I think you are much stronger than I am as I am not tested as much as you, I do try to work through them as well. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. Sending big hugs.....:-)

Anonymous said...

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