Tuesday, March 01, 2011

No complaints...

I can't complain about the weather. It's cold and foggy right now, but at least it's not raining. Today it's only going to be partially cloudy and there will be sunshine and it's about time after all those gray skies. So, that's not something to be grumpy about. I would be grumpy if it were raining again because, although I like the rain, I don't like it non stop for a week. I crave some sunshine and so does the eczema on my head. It has been bothering me especially with the damp and cold weather.

I'm drinking coffee with artificial creamer because the milk is all gone. It only tastes somewhat bad. It would be worse if I had no creamer at all and had to drink it black, so I have to count my blessings. I can't wait to have milk in the refrigerator, but the Exfactor will be here today to do the grocery shopping and there will be lots of milk soon. I can then indulge in it to my heart's content. I have the Exfactor buy as much milk as he can carry and as his arm and leg muscles can handle on the bike without falling over. He is a very strong and wiry man, so he can carry a lot of milk.

I still have lemonade left so when I'm thirsty, I drink that, though it is not nearly as good as a glass of cold milk. Still, it quenches my thirst and has a decent enough taste and it's better than drinking coffee all the time, although I do enough of that too. I think I drink the coffee to offset the somewhat sedating effects of the medicines that I still take and I will be very happy when I've completely cut down on them and I know what is just me needing sleep and what was the effect of the medication. I very often need naps and I think I'm too young to start that kind of nonsense. I'm not an old lady yet.

I have to go see both my SPN and my psychiatrist today. I hope I make a good enough impression on my psychiatrist so that he will agree to cut down the anti-depressives some more. I've only got to reduce them two more times before I'm off them completely and today would be one of those times. I think I can convince him to give it a try. I'm doing well, so there's no reason not to.

I will go back to bed now for a few more hours of sleep. I will listen to the radio until I drift off. It's always very cozy in bed when I go back for the second time. It's when I get my best rest and my most interesting dreams.

Have a good day.



Bernie said...

I love that you enjoy milk, I only enjoy it on my cereal etc., I drink water like you drink milk. I drink a 5 gallon bottle a week, thankfully I have delivery service as I cannot lift the bottle onto the machine which keeps it cold.
Hope you went right back to sleep, have a great Tuesday. It sounds like a busy day with all your appointments......:-)Hugs

Bev said...

It's a good job the Exfactor is strong and wiry!

We have gallons of milk a week. Eleanor loves chocolate milkshakes so we often run out. I like having milk and biscuits.

Hope all goes well with the psychiatrist x

Maggie May said...

Hope all goes well with your appointment today and that you got a bit of extra sleep beforehand.
Cold & dull here too.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I hope you got what you wanted from your appointments and your still in your state of no complaint!