Sunday, March 27, 2011

Erstwhile brave...

It's early in the morning, although because of the start of Summer Tine, it's an hour later than it feels and already I am running behind schedule. I should just about be getting ready to go back to bed, but since it's Sunday today, I won't worry about it too much. I can pretty much sleep as late as I want and I'm sure I'll take advantage of that, providing the dog lets me and he usually does. He's a patient animal as a rule. 

I am yawning and don't know how much longer I am for this world and I will have to type quickly. In just a minute, I'm going to take my medicines and they are only going to make me sleepier. They always do in the morning and give me the best amount of sleep. Of course, I've been up all night and that helps too. 

I just picked out the book I'm going to start reading today and it's a thriller by Elizabeth George. It's an Inspector Linley novel and I didn't even know I had one that was still unread. I was in search of one and ran into it almost immediately. I just started looking at the top of the bookcase and there it was, staring me right in the face. I will keep going through my bookcase this way, starting from the top right and working my way through the rows of books all the way down to the bottom. I will read what ever is unread and hope for the best. This book I have now is called, 'In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner.' 

I want to make the most of the day because it's the last day of the weekend. Yesterday went by quickly. It was gone in the blink of an eye. I have to get more out of today. I want to savor the day and each moment in it. It's almost a shame to go to bed in a while and spend the time sleeping. I'd rather stay up and read my book. Sometimes it's hard to decide what's the most sensible thing to do, as opposed to what's the most desirable thing to do when you try to get the most out of your day. I'm getting my second wind now and have stopped yawning. I'm drinking a tall glass of milk and it is perking me right up. Milk always does. It's like an ice cold wake up call. 

Of course, the dog is going to think that it's an hour earlier. He won't be ready to go for a walk yet if I stay up. The sun is coming up later and he won't want to go out for another two hours. That gives me some leisurely time to sit and read.

I think I will make a new pot of coffee and go sit in my armchair with a blanket wrapped around me. I've just turned up the heater and it should be nice and warm in here in no time. 

Have yourself a nice Sunday.



Bernie said...

Our clocks went ahead 3 weeks ago and it took me a whole week to adjust, I missed that hour! Have a great Sunday.....:-)Hugs

Twain12 said...

enjoy your day and new book ♥