Sunday, December 05, 2010

The sound of snow...

It rained during the night and in the morning, turning all the snow and ice into slush and puddles. Then it snowed for a couple of hours this afternoon, but it just added to the mess on the ground and turned it into more slush. There isn't a soul outside and I don't think anyone in their right mind would go out there, because it's miserable. It's just started snowing again and it doesn't look very appealing. The weather forecast changes all the time. I don't think anyone knows what the weather will bring.

I was up early this morning and had my coffee and cigarettes and wrote a post for one of my other blogs, but when I was done with that, I went back to bed and slept until past noontime. That's what I really needed. It was very pleasant and when I woke up I felt like I was really done sleeping. Sometimes I'm too optimistic when I get up early in the morning and I should really stay in bed and sleep some more. Especially on a day like today. 

Tyke got into the old books that were on the bookcase in my bedroom and tore them apart. There is a total mess in my bedroom and I haven't had the courage to clean it up yet. I'll have to get a trash bag and throw everything away. I didn't notice a thing while I was asleep. It looks like he had a frenzy. Imagine me not waking up from that. 

He didn't look the least bit guilty when I got up. He was wagging his tail. I just moaned and wondered when he was going to outgrow this behavior. He had several of his toys to play with in the bedroom, so I thought he wouldn't be bored, but I was wrong. He does get his revenge on me when I sleep. At least he doesn't get into any good stuff in the rest of the apartment. Knock on wood.

The snow is starting to stay on the ground, so that means it's cold enough. I do feel it cooling off in here. The heater should start up any moment now.

Well, I'm off to clean up the mess and to put the trash out. A most frustrating job. 



jeannette said...

From every side I hear about the snow this going to be another "ouderwetse" winter?
Sorry for the mess your doggie created:(: I can't imagine my books being torn up! But then, you have a reason to buy new ones:)

VioletSky said...

so it is a mess outside and a mess inside.....

aims said...

Not only a mess but a heartbreak. I can't bear to throw or give away any of my books even though new ones come in on a very regular basis.

Perhaps he needs his own little play pen where he can do whatever he pleases. That and an old book you care nothing about.

Lane said...

I don't want to see any more snow but apparently snow is on the way, along with freezing temperatures. Let's hope it passes soon.

Hope you managed to clear up Tyke's little escapade. Torn up books are no joke:-(

Bernie said...

Perhaps you could put Tyke on a leash, have his bed there with his toys but he will only be able to move a few feet until you are awake. Perhaps you wouldn't like this, just an idea. A good day to stay inside and be warm....:-)Hugs

Maggie May said...

That was very naughty of Tyke. I think precious books should be put higher up.
My rabbits chewed/tore up/ate a straw place mat yesterday.
I like the way you described *the sound of snow*
I am sick of this bad weather. It has thawed and then iced over making everything so treacherous.
Try and enjoy your day and if necessary, batten down the hatches.I suppose that would make Tyke even more pent up and looking for trouble!
Maggie X

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