Thursday, December 16, 2010

Home on the range...

There is a mixture of snow and rain falling and it's turning into slush on the ground that will turn into ice tonight when it freezes. That's not a very happy prospect, although my boots seem to work well on slippery surfaces. Still, it's going to be a mess and people are going to have to be careful in traffic and walking around. I would just like to get a good ordinary layer of snow instead of all this slush and ice that we're getting now. That would be proper winter weather. 

The day is going by quickly despite the fact that I worried about it being an empty day with not much to do. Because I woke up early this morning, and decided I was not ready for the day to start just then, I went back to bed and slept a couple of more hours. I was much more refreshed and ready when I woke up the second time and I had two cups of coffee in my armchair before I took Tyke out for a walk. 

He was behaving much better than yesterday when he had been all over the place and I had to keep him on a short leash. It was cold outside, though, and there was a chilly wind blowing from the north. I didn't have my snow hat on and my head got cold, even though I have a lot of hair right now and I need to go to the hairdresser. The wind whipped it around.

After I took Tyke home, I went to check on my neighbor lady who had become unwell yesterday and who I'd had to pick up from the bathroom floor and carry to the sofa in her living room. She's just a wispy little thing and had blacked out. Her husband was quite worried about her, but a doctor was called and he said she had very low blood pressure and that she needed to drink bouillon to get more salt in her system. Her regular doctor is coming by today to give her a check up and talk to her. It was good to see her back on her feet, as I had been quite worried about her too.

I am getting to know my neighbors better all the time, aren't I, although it isn't necessarily under the best of circumstances. They did invite me to come by for a cup of coffee any time for the company in case I was ever lonely. I did say that sometimes that was my problem and the neighbor said that he had figured as much. 

The animals were happy when I got home again and they both wanted to climb on me when I sat down in my armchair to watch the news. There's only room for one at the time, so whoever is the most stubborn wins. Tyke likes to sit on top of the back rest, half on top of my shoulders. He thinks he has the best view then and togetherness at the same time. Gandhi just likes to lie in my lap. 

I've been eating whole wheat rusk toast as it healthy and easy to chew very fine. My gastric band can handle two pieces and then I'm full. I needed more fiber in my diet. I have vegetables in the freezer compartment, but I haven't fixed them yet. It is too much of a bother. I don't yet know how big a portion to fix, because I don't know how much I can eat. I'll just have to guess. Maybe I'll fix some tonight. They would be good for roughage. 

Tyke wants to go for a walk, so I better go take him. It's nearly dark outside and it has stopped raining/snowing. 

Have a good evening.


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Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Good on you for coming to the aid of your neighbour. Lucky you were able too! My daughter choked on her tea last night, really, really choked and not just a little cough. I had to do the heminach manoevour (however that's spelt!) and she managed to get it unstuck. Quite scarey!
I am loving this bright and cheerful look on your blog. A great contrast to your icey-slush!