Friday, December 16, 2011


Because I'm in the mood for some very good smells, I thought I would intersperse this post with photos of some well known perfumes. I picked them randomly of the web. If the photo was good and showed the name well, I downloaded it, especially if it was of a perfume that I was familiar with and that I might like to have.

It's the same thing as wishful thinking, or making a list for Santa Claus. If I make it very clear, I may get what I wish for and live happily ever after. That's how much I'd like a bottle of perfume. I actually would like several bottles because a woman can never have too many in my humble opinion.

Of course, when anybody asks me what I want for Christmas, I ask for a bottle of perfume. I just hope that a lot of people are going to as me what I want. For the sake of decency, I do have to also ask for some smaller presents for those with a smaller budget. I can't be only greedy. I'm certainly not handing out expensive presents myself. The budget can not bear it. I have to buy eight presents and I'm doing it on a shoestring.

Christmas is sneaking up on me and, except for buying presents, I'm not nearly ready for it. I'm just now getting in the proper mood. It only happened in the past day or so that I got bit by the season's bug. I'm now more than ready to throw my heart and soul into it, however.

Especially since I know that my sister has her tree up and decorated because we will be celebrating Christmas at her place and that's where we will be exchanging the presents. I have high expectations of it knowing my daughter and her father will be there.

We will be a proper group of jolly people and really get into the spirit of things.

I was already on my way to bed tonight, but then realized that I was infused by the siprit of the season too much to go to sleep. I think I have to do some decorating around here to make the place look a little bit fastive. I have to dig into my closet and see what decorations I can come up with. I may even have to go out and buy a little tree. It may yet come to that.

Doesn't seeing all these perfumes make you greedy for them? I'm most definitely a luxury beast. When I see decadent and expensive things, I want them all. I should have had a very wealthy husband who would have indulged in me.

I'm so ready to stop being poor that even my fantasies feed me. Just thinking about really nice things makes me feel like I almost own them and am on the verge of buying them. Actual ownership is only a small distance away. I'm only one step away from the rainbow and my pot of gold. In the meantime I act like the woman I'm supposed to be.

I'm just temporarily inconvenienced. It's not a permanent condition.

It's late at night now and I haven't slept yet. I'm not quite in the mood to go to bed. There's enough time to go to sleep. Right now I want to live in anticipation of the days to come. In my head I'm making lists of things I have left to do. I should write them down. That might be more convenient.

At least I don't have to cook Christmas dinner, nor am I capable of eating it. Whatever my sister makes will mostly be wasted on me. That's the drawback of having a gastric band. You can't sit down and really indulge. Just a few bites will be enough for me. It's a shame really, but I've gotten used to it by now. You just shouldn't get excited about food very much. That's not going to be the highlight of your day.
It's with some anticipation that I look forward to the morning because it will be Friday and the Exfactor will be here to do the groceries. He can buy wrapping paper for me too so I can start wrapping the first presents. and put those away. I will be more than exited about that. I do like wrapping presents as neat as possible providing the dog and the cat don't try to help me. The cat especially tries to lie down on the paper when I try to cut it.

I also don't enjoy getting animal hair on the sellotape. That does look funny when you give someone their present.

It's raining gently outside, but there is no wind to speak of. At least it isn't storming which is quite an improvement over how it has been. The harsh wind has been so cold and has made it so unpleasant to have to go outside. It will be nice when this low pressure system has passed us. I'm more than ready for some blue skies and sunshine.

I've run out of perfumes and I'm ready to end this post. I could go on endlessly, but I think I've made my point and I've indulged myself enough. For a while I pretended that I could have all those perfumes. It was fun while it lasted and I hope it caused enough diversion. Next I'll talk about really great clothes. 



Connie Rose said...

Chanel No. 5...incomparable.

Wisewebwoman said...

I've always loved Shalimar by Guerlain and Inis out of Ireland but so many people are allergic to perfumes I don't wear them as much anymore.