Thursday, August 16, 2012

How do you do today?

I find myself in an excellent mood while I drink my cup of coffee at the end of this lovely Thursday afternoon. It has been a hot day today but by closing the blinds and having the windows open on a crack, I have managed to get it a bit cooler here in the apartment than it was earlier in the day. Tyke and I are both comfortable now and the temperature reading on the thermometer is dropping.

We will have tropical weather through the weekend and that's something we're not used to this summer with all the cloudy skies and rain we had. I'm sure the majority of people are thrilled, though I like it not quite so hot and humid but I don't have a shortage of skimpy clothes so I can dress myself appropriately and when you're riding your bike around town, the cool breeze is very refreshing.

I have very much enjoyed the Olympics Games being covered on television from early in the morning until midnight and I took every opportunity to watch them. I am very sorry they are over but the timing was very good because they took place in a time in my life in which I would otherwise have been very bored. I did not have my spare time and energy occupied with other activities yet so I was very grateful for them.

Actually, I did manage to get around a bit and find interesting things to do that took me around town on my bike. I have not been idle. I'm learning how to navigate the little one way streets downtown and how not to get lost on the crooked little ones. None of them make sense and they all change names halfway through.

Today I rode my bike to the Recovery Care Facility of the University Hospital. It was located on the edge of downtown in a place I had never been to. I had looked on the map to see where it was located and thought I would easily find it but in the end I did get lost a bit before I did and I was five minutes late for my interview.

I was hardly nervous for it and felt very confident and was sure I was the proper candidate for the job. The interview was with three people and was very thorough but went well. They just wanted to make sure I was well suited for the work. I felt relaxed enough and made a good enough impression and I was offered the job. I am starting next week.

It's a seventy patients facility for mostly older people who are post operation but who can't go home yet and need to be cared for anywhere from three to six weeks. I will not be doing any nursing jobs, of course,  but will be a helper and companion and activities person. I am looking forward to starting very much. There was a good atmosphere there and lots of optimistic people. I feel very privileged that I will be allowed to do this work.

I am all balanced out on the proper amount of medicines and won't have to worry about the right doses for a long time. I just saw my psychiatrist briefly amd also my therapist. I won't see them again now for quite some time unless something unforeseen happens which none of us expect. I feel like I've broken the chains that bound me and left many things in the past.

Well, there will be another update down the line soon again I''m sure. I will have more material to blog about now that I'm about to have such an interesting life. I wonder in what other ways I can fill my days?


Connie Rose said...

Wow, you're starting a job. Good for you. Big changes since not so long ago. I'm really happy for you, Irene. Much love, and stay in touch with us all please!

Anonymous said...

Things really are continuing to be fabulous with you lately, aren't they? I'm so pleased for you! Good luck with the job (I'm sure there will be many stories!).

Carole said...

Way to go, Irene. Fantastic.

Rob-bear said...

I was thinking about you, and wondering how the interview had gone. I'm so glad it went well. My work in the spring was something which was helpful to me and others, so I have some sense of what this means for you.

Well done, Irene!

Wisewebwoman said...

Well done you!

How amazing and wonderful and downright awesome your journey has been to this point.

I will await your updates!!

Break a leg girl!


Gail said...

I knew you would get that job!!! Congratulations.